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By Gerhard Jäger

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ThisbookdiscusseshowTypeLogicalGrammarcanbemodi?edinsuch awaythatasystematictreatmentofanaphoraphenomenabecomesp- sible with out giving up the overall structure of this framework. by means of variety Logical Grammar, I suggest the
model of Categorial Grammar that arose out of the paintings of Lambek, 1958 and Lambek, 1961. There Ca- gorial varieties are analyzed as formulae of a logical calculus. particularly, the Categorial slashes are interpreted as forms
of positive impli- tion within the feel of Intuitionistic good judgment. this kind of conception of grammar is in step with se beautiful for a proper linguist who's drawn to the interaction among formal common sense and the constitution of language. What
makes L- bekstyleCategorialGrammarevenmoreexcitingisthefactthat(asvan Benthem,1983pointsout)theCurry-Howardcorrespondence-acentral a part of mathematical facts conception which establishes a deep connection
betweenconstructivelogicsandthe?-calculus-suppliesthetypelogical syntax with an incredibly dependent and independently prompted interface to model-theoretic semantics. Prima facie, anaphora doesn't ?t rather well into the
Categorial photo of the syntax-semantics interface. The Curry-Howard established composition of that means operates in a neighborhood method, and that means ass- bly is linear, i.e., each piece of lexical which means is used precisely as soon as. Anaphora,
nevertheless, is in precept unbounded, and it contains via de?nition the a number of use of yes semantic assets. The latter challenge has been tackled by way of numerous Categorial grammarians by way of ass- ing su?ciently complex
lexical meanings for anaphoric expressions, however the locality challenge isn't really effortless to resolve in a in simple terms lexical way.

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